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Eons before we emerged moving out from the dirty, dark and disappointing direct cabinet and marched into the bright and sunny dyke globe, I became a staunch follower of “girl code.” Maybe it’s because I’m among those irritating agencies produced with a ravenous thirst for ~justice~ inside screwed-up world. Maybe i am simply my mom’s child (my personal mummy is the ethical dictator on the Eastern Seaboard). Or i am simply a self-righteous bitch.

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No matter what the explanation; i am a staunch follower of “girl rule” since those flushed teenage human hormones banged in around get older 10.

What exactly even


“girl signal?”  female code is a code where all ladies that usually supportive of their gender, adhere to. It is an unspoken pair of regulations, set in place generations back by our very own foremothers, assure we eliminate our very own sort. It’s primal. Animal.

It indicates that though we oh-so-fiercely hate that vile witch just who rests two cubicles out, we’ll


provide her a tampon whenever she is bleeding through her bleached white jeans.

Female signal is actually rooted in the intrinsic sisterhood we tell all women, regardless if we don’t understand them really. We show an unspoken connect because only we understand the challenges, the complexities, and also the unavoidable trauma that comes combined with getting a woman in a fuckboy’s world.

While I was eleven I was heartbroken while I saw smart-mouthed Brittany* a platinum-haired volleyball celebrity “take” the sweetheart of Ashley* a freckle-faced educational.

“exactly how CAN SHE?!” we gasped to my best friend Suzie Goldstein over a carton of candy milk products inside cafeteria.

Suzie, in addition a die-hard woman coder, unfortunately installed the woman mind. “I am not sure, Zara. I don’t know.”

A couple of years later I’d a “crush” on a pretty-faced long-lashed guy who was simply the spitting image of


(when I pressured myself personally to “destroy” on boys, i went for pretty males whom bore striking resemblances on the precious queer lady pop movie stars of today).

Difficulty was, mentioned kid had once outdated a pal of my own. I inquired the girl if she minded if I dated the woman lesbian-looking ex-boyfriend (not when it comes to those terms, needless to say).

“needless to say I MIND!” she screamed, flinging her red velour Juicy Couture backpack into the environment.

I vowed never to challenge lady code once again.

However switched 20 and began having fun with the ~lesbians~.

I found myself a Sapphic little kitten new regarding world and even though We felt like I’d died and gone to lesbian paradise, one thing actually confused me personally (okay, a


things, however you get in which i want).

Woman signal failed to seem to be as increasingly ingrained into my personal new lesbian pal team. My friends seemed to continuously end up being online dating their own friend’s exes, flirting with used women and engaging in top-secret affairs with women nevertheless romantically mounted on some other women.

“Wait—no, it’s not possible to accomplish that! It isn’t GIRL code!” I might shriek at my brand new friend Talia, a girl who had been always recklessly smashing lady rule together tan small fists.

Talia would move the woman glittery environmentally friendly vision. “We’re lesbians—it’s different. We have


with one another.”

“Just because we’ve gender with each other doesn’t mean lady code goes out the window,” I roared with a feverish power i did not know I had. I found myself 21 with ratty locks extensions and probably -$20.00 to my personal name, but I understood in my own cardiovascular system I found myself dead drilling right.

Not simply should queer ladies end up being sticking with lady signal (while we would without a doubt, have sexual intercourse with one another, Many gender with one another), it must be slashed also further compared to the woman rule that prevails when you look at the heteronormative globe. Not only are we under attack by community in particular because we are feminine, we’re also under attack by culture most importantly because we are effing QUEER, ladies! If there’s previously been a team of women that must be securely sure to the ethics of FEMALE CODE, it must be us queers. In reality, I would personally call it “queer code” but that’s its own thing, worthy of its own post.

But all of us, no matter where we secure regarding the gender spectrum, we all, just who roll inside the queer lady area,


be staying with girl code. No exceptions.


It really is against “girl code” to aggressively hit on a woman who may have a girlfriend.

Some time ago I found myself on Cubby Hole using my pal Maggie.* A lanky lesbian with a swanky haircut emerged striding toward Maggie. She stomped up to her thereupon extremely sexual “vagina 1st” strut and she began to shamelessly flirt with little to no Maggie. Within a few minutes, she requested Maggie on a romantic date.

Maggie beamed politely (she actually is southern) and cooed, “which is truly sweet, but We have a very severe sweetheart.”

“that is also poor. I’ll purchase you a glass or two anyhow.” The lanky lesbian purred, increasing an impressively curved eyebrow.

“don’t get worried regarding it, I got it.” Maggie seemed nervously at me personally (the bitchy unique Yorker who bites back).

“i want to get you a glass or two. You are gorgeous. And hey, you never know in which your own relationship is certainly going?” Lanky Lezzie cackled, all sex-eyed and throaty-voiced. She place an unwelcome hand on Maggie’s blank neck.

Ultimately, we burst. “Dude! She’s got a girlfriend! It isn’t simply disrespectful to Maggie, it’s also disrespectful to the woman GIRL. We are all females! We don’t betray both like this!” We roared, just like the Lanky Lesbian easily excused herself for a smoke.

You aren’t merely busting woman rule through another lady feel uneasy for rejecting the improvements, you’re splitting girl rule because some bad lesbian is sitting at home innocently chomping on a vegan burrito, as the woman sweetheart is being HIT in by another woman.

I mean, perhaps she would anticipate these types of behavior by drunken bros from the bro bar, nevertheless queer club should really be a secure destination! I keep you to a greater regular than males (NOT Computer, sorry), don’t you?

It really is against “girl rule” to ask a female’s permission to speak with the woman girlfriend.

I just was at huge queer woman celebration when all of a sudden a haphazard woman comes taking walks up to my personal sweetheart and bellows: “Can I ask your sweetheart a concern?” Appropriate. In. Front Side. Of. Me Personally. As if I becamen’t also freaking truth be told there.

Talk about smashing woman code in to the floor! You’re equating my femininity with weakness, and implying that my fabric trousers sporting girl is actually my personal manager (GAG!), because she’s perhaps not twirling around in a mini outfit like Im.

PSA: you’ll twirl about in a minidress and still have actually a goddamn mind.

Not merely are you currently splitting woman code by judging another woman exclusively based on the woman external look and personal design, you are in addition getting very sexist. You are inquiring my (somewhat) much more male exhibiting gf for authorization to dicuss to “femmey bit me personally.” Pay attention women: This makeup lesbian has no manager. Not working. Not in daily life. And certainly not in screwing love.

It really is against lady rule to date, rest with, or flirt with your friend’s ex (without requesting authorization).

Have a look: there are times when i believe it is totally okay to date a buddy’s ex because lez be genuine. Our world is so small that internet dating a buddy’s ex will eventually (most likely) be unavoidable. Particularly when friends and family are all fantastic, wild sluts like mine, and possess installed with 90 percent of this world.

But baby woman! It is vital that you request authorization before going into that territory.

I’m sure discovering a lady you interact with can be as uncommon as locating a pearl in a goddamn oyster, but you must keep your self back if authorization is certainly not approved.

It’s against lady rule to flirt together with your friend’s current spouse (although its innocent).

Near the eyes. Think about you are at a bar seeing another woman splay the woman feet all-around your hetero pal’s boyfriend. You’d believe it actually was significantly improper, and most likely tell the lady exactly about it, no? Same applies to girls on lady laps.

Trust me I struggle with this package, significant. I am normally a lap sitting lez, inside the a lot of ~simple~ of means. I recklessly plop about laps of gay kids, lesbians, my mummy, my cousin and straight girls as well. It should be a deep-rooted childhood dilemma of wanting for passion.

However. Which is no excuse.

I needed to created some tight borders in relation to my buddies’ girlfriends. Regardless if inside my greatly mascara decorated eyes I’m not “flirting,” it’s still WILDLY unacceptable for me are lapping it up on my buddy’s girlfriend. Or anyone’s girl for instance.

It can get confusing for people gays.

Oh, we’re all ladies! It means absolutely nothing!

But until you desire somebody’s gf to (rightfully) sock you within the nostrils just like you drunkenly perch on the lady’s lap: get sit in a rose bush instead. Its a far better option.

It really is against woman signal so that your wasted gf go homeward with a douchey stranger ALTHOUGH STATED STRANGER is actually A WOMAN.

If my straight companion Ruba becomes uncontrollable wasted and slurs if you ask me that she actually is heading house with some douchey searching bro that is giving me personally an incident of full body creeps, I’ll pull the lady out of the club throwing and shouting before I let her enter a taxi cab with him.

Even though your intoxicated buddy goes house with another woman (aka maybe not a


doesn’t necessarily suggest she will end up being safe otherwise will not wake-up without bad regret and embarrassment spirals. We are right here to safeguard the pals from threat AND from shame spirals. Girl signal, child.

Generally there its. Tell me how you feel.
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and tell me you disagree. It is a conversation, maybe not a lecture, kitten. I am merely the self-proclaimed net lesbian large brother, just what hell carry out I’m sure?

OH—one a lot more thing. It’s against woman signal to deal with a female you’d a one evening stand with similar trash. Whether or not it’s simply a rando hookup (that I completely endorse) be TYPE to her and buy the taxi residence. Women are never to address some other women like disposable sex toys, under any circumstance.

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